Most interesting threads of the last month

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1 month ago by Nikita Popov
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1 month ago by Go Kudo
BC breaking changes in PHP 8.1
29 days ago by Matthew Weier O'Phinney
5 months ago by Joe Watkins
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28 days ago by Tim Starling
Unbreak links?
18 days ago by Stanislav Malyshev
Change yield interpolation behaviour
13 days ago by Nesmeyanov Kirill
Adding `final class Deque` to PHP
1 month ago by tyson andre
PHP 7.3.31 Released!
28 days ago by Christoph M. Becker
Unified ReflectionType methods
20 days ago by Andreas Hennings
PHP 7.4.24 Released!
28 days ago by Derick Rethans
PHP 8.0.11 Released
28 days ago by Sara Golemon
Make strtolower/strtoupper just do ASCII
1 month ago by Tim Starling