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Typed array properties V2
5 days ago Aran Reeks 17
Union types | true pseudo-type
2 days ago Benjamin Morel 1
WeakMap vs PECL WeakMap
2 days ago Benjamin Morel
Who are the current eligible voters?
7 days ago Paul M. Jones 20
[RFC] Variable syntax tweaks
15 days ago Nikita Popov 4
Bump required libcurl version to 7.17.1
14 days ago Christoph M. Becker 5
7 days ago Benjamin Eberlei 1
VCS Account Request: nicolasgrekas
7 days ago Nicolas Grekas
VCS Account Request: nicolasgrekas
9 days ago Nicolas Grekas 14
[RFC] Static return type
14 days ago Nikita Popov 16
[RFC] Allow ::class on objects
13 days ago Nikita Popov 22
Wiki RFC karma
9 days ago Nicolas Grekas 4