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[VOTE] Same Site Cookie RFC
10 months ago Frederik Bosch 24
bugs.php.net downtime
4 days ago Rasmus Lerdorf 20
PHP 7.0.31 is available
2 days ago Anatol Belski
Non-nullable properties
7 days ago Rowan Collins 25
Improvements to openssl_crs_new. Need advice
3 days ago Dominic Luechinger 2
[RFC] Typed Properties
1 month ago Nikita Popov 77
PHP 7.2.8 Released
2 days ago Remi Collet
PHP 7.3.0alpha4 is available for testing
2 days ago Christoph M. Becker
re2c version(s)
8 days ago Dmitry Stogov 30
Replacing array_slice
4 days ago Levi Morrison 6
4 days ago Solovov Dmitry 4
4 days ago Solovov Dmitry
apache2 buckets API masters needed
5 days ago Stanislav Malyshev
[VOTE] Deprecations for PHP 7.3
12 days ago Nikita Popov 7
[RFC] [VOTE] Class Friendship
15 days ago Dustin Wheeler 8