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Firebird - Who are WE ...
3 days ago Lester Caine 15
Argon2 default time cost
14 hours ago Sara Golemon 1
[RFC] Unbundle ext/interbase
4 days ago Kalle Sommer Nielsen 25
5 days ago Dmitry Stogov 11
[RFC] Abolish Short Votes
4 days ago Joe Watkins 6
[RFC] DOM Living Standard API
3 days ago Benjamin Eberlei 2
RFC Draft: Comprehensions
15 days ago Larry Garfield 46
PHP 7.2.17RC1 ready for testing
5 days ago Sara Golemon
PHP on OSS-fuzz
8 days ago Stanislav Malyshev 1
PCRE callouts
5 days ago Nikita Popov
PHP 7.3.4RC1 is available for testing
5 days ago Christoph M. Becker
PCRE partial matching
6 days ago Nikita Popov 1