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[RFC][DISCUSSION] Argon2id in Password Hash
3 months ago Charles R. Portwood II 1
getting tests running with docker
1 day ago Frederik Bosch
RFC WeakRefs
7 days ago Joe Watkins 7
[RFC] Deprecation of uniqid()
13 days ago Niklas Keller 10
[RFC] Deprecation of image2wbmp()
12 days ago Christoph M. Becker
PHP 7.2.6 RC1
13 days ago Sara Golemon
PHP 7.1.18RC1 Released
13 days ago Joe Watkins
[RFC] Fiber support (again)
3 months ago Haitao Lv 18
More secure credentials storage
20 days ago Tom Van Looy 1
PHP 7.3 Release Manager Selection
1 month ago Sara Golemon 13
PHP FFI extenesion
1 month ago Dmitry Stogov 19
PHP 7.1.17 Released
27 days ago Joe Watkins
PHP 7.0.30 is available
27 days ago Anatol Belski
PHP 7.2.5 Released
27 days ago Remi Collet
1 month ago Jakub Zelenka 1
FPM preloading of PHP files
1 month ago Jakub Zelenka 5
What to do with image2wbmp()?
1 month ago Christoph M. Becker 2