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[RFC] PCRE2 migration
2 days ago Anatol Belski
PCRE2 support
3 days ago Anatol Belski 2
Suggestion Method Constant
5 days ago Mathias Grimm 12
Readme and contributing info
4 days ago Peter Kokot
Enchant 2
5 days ago Christoph M. Becker
Mysql result data types
6 days ago Reinis Rozitis 6
PHP 7.2.0 RC4 released
6 days ago Remi Collet
Parallelised run-tests.php (patch)
10 days ago Andrea Faulds 6
[VOTE] Same Site Cookie RFC
1 month ago Frederik Bosch 20
GitHub and Extensions
11 days ago Will Fitch 3
22 days ago Andrea Faulds 3