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Changes in namespace importing
7 hours ago Khawer . 1
15 hours ago Sara Golemon 1
PHP 7.0.26 is available
22 hours ago Anatol Belski
Preposition in IntlDateFormatter
4 days ago Markus Fasselt 2
Minor BC break in gettype()
6 days ago Sara Golemon 3
GitHub repository topics
8 days ago Peter Kokot
[RFC][ACCEPTED] PCRE2 migration
10 days ago Anatol Belski
Constants and Access Modifiers
27 days ago Fleshgrinder 17
[RFC] Distrust SHA-1 Certificates
11 months ago Niklas Keller 47
PHP 7.2.0 RC6 Released
15 days ago Sara Golemon 6
PHP's mail servers suck
30 days ago Sara Golemon 34
PHP-7.2.0 release branch cut.
17 days ago Sara Golemon
Proposal: Rename image functions
19 days ago Andreas Treichel 12
RFC - Zend VM Pause API
23 days ago Haitao Lv 9